Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)?

It is an introductory course that covers the basic theory and practical elements to riding a motorcycle.

It’s important to note that it is not a test, however you must meet the required standards set by the DVSA in order to achieve your CBT/DL196 certificate.

What is DAS (Direct Access Scheme)?

The Direct Access Scheme is the name given to the process of gaining your full motorcycle licence here in the UK.

This is broken down into three parts; Motorcycle Theory Test, Practical Test Module 1 and Practical Test Module 2.

Practical Test Module 1 is taken on site at a DVSA Practical Test Centre, focused on control, manoeuvrability and safe handling. Practical Test Module 2 is an on-road riding test.

How Do I Get Started?

To take part in any motorcycle training course, you need to hold a UK Provisional Driving licence and be a current resident of the UK.

If you have a full UK Car Driving Licence, the Motorcycle Provisional entitlement is automatically included, there is no need to order a separate provisional licence.

Do I need a Motorcycle Theory Test?

For a CBT course, no. Your CBT just qualifies you as a learner for a two-year period and as such you do NOT need to take a theory test; you must however pass one before any full motorcycle test can be taken.

If taking a Direct Access course, you must pass the Motorcycle Theory test before you are able to attend.

If you have a Car/HGV Theory Test, sadly this is not transferrable, and you must sit the Motorcycle specific test.

This is valid for 2 years; if you do not pass your motorcycle licence tests during this time, you will be required to re-sit the Theory Test.

What licence can I get?

Under UK licencing laws, the entitlement you achieve at the end of your DVSA.

Motorcycle Test is dictated by your age and the engine capacity used during your test.

Riders aged between 17 and 19 are only eligible to achieve an ‘A1’ licence, restricted to motorcycles up to 11kW/appx 125cc

Riders aged between 19 and 24 are only eligible to achieve an ‘A2’ licence, restricted to motorcycles up to 35kW/appx 500cc.

Riders over the age of 24 are eligible to achieve a full ‘A’ licence, with no engine size restriction.

Riders who achieve an A2 licence are eligible to upgrade to a full A licence by retaking their Motorcycle Practical Test after 2 years of driving or after their 24th birthday, whichever comes first.

Students over the age of 24 are automatically put forward for the full, unrestricted ‘A’ licence.