Daniel - Jul 2023

A big thank you right back at you guys! I managed to get a couple of trips out before the rain returned; it seems strange riding without Marcin in my left ear!

Right, first: the booking process…. For convenience I first tried booking with a training centre close to my place of work in Livingston. After 2 weeks of chasing, being fobbed-off, and broken promises of call-backs I decided to look elsewhere and came across MotoJoe. Within hours I had CBT and DAS dates all booked, confirmed, and all the information I needed. Faultless communication and professionalism. Thank you for that. 

Equipment - Great bikes, perfect for the slow handling and equally good out on the road. Gave me loads of confidence that I could perform both MOD1 and MOD2 requirements easily. Helmet and comms were high quality so no issues with instruction out on the road too. 

Marcin - what a great instructor! Inspired confidence, very knowledgable, and patient! From seeing other riders and instructors at the test centre, it is very apparent that Marcin’s style is to teach you to ride properly, while other instructors only teach you the basics to pass a test. I got so much more out of the instruction than how to slalom and emergency stop; I was taught proper road position, cornering and awareness. 

I wouldn’t be going far enough just to recommend the MotoJoe learning experience; you’d be missing out if you went anywhere else. 

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