Kacper - Nov 2023

I had a fantastic day on the trail, it was well worth it, I’m still buzzing.

The whole experience was very well structured in my opinion - starting from “easy” exercises to diving into the trail.

The trail can definitely be a challenge with steep gradients and long narrow ruts for a novice, and intimidating on a big GS, but once you make it to the end the satisfaction is so immense. It’s such a joy.

Instructions given throughout were clear and understandable plus lots of helpful advice, I guess I was lucky to have all your attention just to myself.

Bikes are great - I love the handling of GS’s. I’m actually glad I had a couple of tumbles, I had a fear that if I fall off the bike on the trail I would injure myself, but nothing as such happened, so it helped me tackle this psychologically, and I’m grateful for that.

Overall it was a blast, it made me hungry for more, so I’ll be back for sure.

Thank you! Kacper

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